Friday, October 20, 2017

Get up. Get Dressed. Paint.:Lacking inspiration

What do you do when you face the journal page with no inspiration?  Some artists say the simple act of spreading paint ignites their inspiration.  Alas, this has never worked for me. This morning, after staring at this page then rummaging through supplies I was still uninspired.  It's my one morning I get to spend painting and I was determined paint!  I opened Pinterest to my Inspiring Art Journal Pages board and selected THIS bold and beautiful flower page by Marika Lemay.  

White card stock stamped with hand drawn flower and leaves.
Some artists say this isn't being creative but I beg to differ.  Having a vision of the finished page ignites my creativity and I can see how I want to create it. The color palette changes when I grab the paints that speak to me.  And as the page progresses I instinctively reach for stamps and stencils, adding my marks and scribbles until I feel the page is done.

The aftermath.

The Finished Page

What is your preferred method of getting inspired when inspiration leaves you staring at the blank page?  I would love to read what spurs your muse out of hiding.

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Get up. Get dressed. Paint.: Dialoguing

My mind simply was not going to let go of the overwhelming feelings of sadness, anger, resentment and discouragement until I dealt with them.
I drew a heart on plaint white card stock then used a journaling technique I learned in Susannah Conway’s Journal Your Life e-course, dialoguing.  The idea is to write a dialogue on the page between you and someone/something else where you ‘play’ both parts. Feeling frustrated with the school’s inept leadership and behind the scenes favoritism, I let them have it and I felt better when I arrived at the bottom of the page.

I used my bits of scraps to collage the heart

Thinking about adding it to this abandoned spread in my Listen to My Heart art journal, but it needs something....

I found a piece of left over Sari yarn and stitched it on. Perfect!

The Completed Spread

The next page will peek through the cut out hearts.  Contemplating some hand stitched hearts.
What do you suggest

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Stop Pinning and Make Something! September Link Party

Project: Art Box
Pinterest Board: Mixed Media Mayhem

"Window into My Art" box
When I spied the whimsical painted box filled with tags over at The Kathryn Wheel I instantly knew I had to make one for my art.

The Process

 This wooden box had been sitting in my class storage room for a while holding miscellaneous junk.  It was the perfect size.

After paining it white with acrylic paint I began the process of decoupaging it using my favorite decorative napkins.

Beginning with the sides then carefully folding the napkin over the lip of the box towards the inside.

 Completed side after drying for several hours.

 Inside bottom of box

It took all day, working on one side at a time, with one hour of drying time in between to get all four sides and the inside covered.  I used the leftover scraps to cover the partitions.

After allowing it to dry for several days (Michigan humidity) I began decorating it using stamps and paint.


After completing some "research" via Pinterest, I decided to use Tim Holtz Idea-ology FOUNDATIONS Metal Box Feet Foundation and Tim Holtz Idea-ology ORNATE PLATES.  

I like how the purple ink seeped through the white embossing

I used this same process for the feet:

This is the glue I went with for attaching the metal pieces to the box.

Finishing Touches

At this point the project stalled as I grappled with how to finish decorating it.  My original thought was to add flourishes but I could not seem to find or make the right ones.  After pursuing the local craft stores I happened upon these chipboard words.  To get them to match the grunge look of the metal I first gessoed them, paying close attention to all the edges.

After the gesso dried I covered each word with Distress Oxide ink then embossed them using the same embossing powder used on the metal pieces.

Some of the purple ink peeking through.

Tinted this lace with Dylusions ink spray in bubblegum pink

Eye Candy

Completed box

Inside partitions

Front view

Side view

Back view

Side view

Adding a few of  my art pieces

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Get up. Get Dressed. Paint.: The Power to Choose

As I embarked on my last week of summer vacation before returning to the classroom, I found myself becoming anxious and angry (I still have no idea where or what I am teaching).  All summer I have been working on mentally leaving the dysfunction, ineptitude, and constant inconsistency behind but this week it has begun gnawing away at me, disrupting my sleep, invading my thoughts and creativity.

I found myself inspired by a reading passage in Stephanie Dowrick's book Choosing Happiness.

Message: "Choose to pay attention to the positive rather than the negative..."
Admittedly, it is going to be tough.

Have any advice?  I would love for you to share it in the comments below.

Paint Party Friday
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Monday, August 21, 2017

Astrological Meaning of Today's Solar Eclipse and New Moon

Solar Eclipse August 2017 Astrology
Things to do today:

  • A new moon is always the perfect time time to make changes but with the eclipse it is more important to set new goals.
  • Make a fresh start by making a to-do list on a blank sheet of paper.  
  • Burn these when finished and let the smoke rise up into the Universe taking your intentions with it. 
  • Read THIS about the Solar Eclipse 21 August 2017 and New Moon.

While Michigan is outside the path of totality, we will still be viewing this awe-inspiring event.  What will you be doing today?